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Version 1.4.3

· 2 min read
Benoit Rognier
Guillaume Duhamel

We present version 1.4.3 of Archetype language.



Functions can now have side effects on storage. For example, it is now valid to write:

archetype function_side_effect

variable res : nat = 0

function set_res(v : nat) {
res := v

entry exec(value : nat) { set_res(value) }

The set_res function above illustrates that:

  • function can now have side effects (here on res)
  • return value may now be omitted, the function may then be used as an instruction

Native Michelson code

It is now possible to write native michelson code with the follwing elements:

For example:

archetype michelson_instruction

entry exec (i : nat) {
michelson {
PUSH nat 0;
IF { PUSH string "NOT_ZERO"; FAILWITH } { PUSH nat 0 }

Exponential builtin

A builtin for exponential function exp_horner is now available. It is computed with the Horner method applied to the polynomial approwimation of the exponential function.


Literals for BLS curves types bls12_381_fr bls12_381_g1 and bls12_381_g2 are now suffixed by fr g1 and g2 respectively; moreover:

  • int, nat and bytes literals cannot be used anymore as bls12_381_fr literals
  • bytes literals cannot be used anymore as bls12_381_g1 and bls12_381_g2 literals