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Smart Contracts under Control

Archetype is a general purpose language to develop Smart Contracts on the Tezos blockchain, with exclusive features to ease development, tests and formal verification.

Control with Smart Designs

Easy Business Logic

Rational, date and duration types make business logic easy to express.

Explicit Execution Conditions

Execution conditions for the contract to execute are easy to read and check.

State Machine Design

Design the contract as a state machine, with guard conditions on transitions.

Rich Storage API

Rich API to access and manipulate collections of assets.


archetype pay_with_penalty(holder : address, cost : tez, deadline : date)

entry pay () {
const penalty = now > deadline ? 7% * (now - deadline) / 1d : 0;
transfer ((1 + penalty) * cost) to holder

archetype address tez nat entry const now > ?: transfer

The pay entrypoint applies a penalty fee of 7% per day beyond deadline. Archetype language provides types, like rational (see 7%) or duration (see 1d), to easily implement readable business rules.