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Version 1.4.2

· One min read
Benoit Rognier
Guillaume Duhamel

We present version 1.4.2 of Archetype language.


Contract import

It is now possible to use types and entrypoints' signature declared in another archetype contract with the import declaration.

It is also now possible to originate a contract from an Archetype source with create_contract builtin.

For example, in order to import the person record from a contract, use the import declaration:

archetype anothercontract

import "somecontract.arl"

variable max_age : nat = 0

entry register(p : somecontract::person) {
max_age := max(max_age, p.age)

Global constants

It is now possible use global constants with global_constant builtin.

Initial support for Tickets

An initial working version of FA 2.1 with tickets is now available here.


Work in progress. Use with caution.

Improved Michelson generation

Michelson output has been upgraded.

rational API

The rational type API has been enriched with the following builtins:

list API

The list type API has been enriched with the following builtins:


  • the formal verification language and the why3 generation have been removed
  • tx_rollup_l2_address type