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External contract

It is possible to import external contract compiled in Michelson. For example:

import simple from ""

The path is relative to the directory where archetype compiler is executed (ie. called, not installed).

Importing a contract makes it easy to call or deploy, since the contract's signature is then known from archetype compiler.

Call entrypoint

Consider the following Michelson contract that provides one entrypoint that takes a nat parameter:
storage nat;
parameter (nat %exec);
code { UNPAIR;
NIL operation;

Say this contract is deployed at address KT1....

It is then possible to call simple's default entrypoint with:

const addr = KT1...;
transfer 0tz to entry simple(addr).exec(4)

Call view

Say simple has a view called getN:
storage unit;
parameter unit;
code { CDR;
NIL operation;
view "getN" unit nat { DROP; PUSH nat 2 }

The view is then called with:

const res : nat ?= simple(addr).getN(Unit) : "VIEW_ERROR";

Deploy a new instance

It is possible to deploy a new instance of the contract with the create_contract builtin:

const storage_init : nat = 0;
const op_addr : (operation * address) =
create_contract(simple, none, 0tz, storage_init);
operations := [op_addr[0]]