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Archetype is an elegant generic-purpose language to develop Smart Contracts on the Tezos blockchain.

⚡️ It supports all Michelson features, but also provides exclusive high-level features for a precise and concise source code, that make contracts easier to develop, read and maintain.


The core of this documentation is the language Reference organised in four parts (Declarations, Types, Instructions and Expressions), on top of which are thematic articles (Language Basics, Asset, State Machine).

Fast track

Consider the following contract:

archetype hello

variable msg : string = "Hello"

entry input(name : string) {
msg += (length(msg) > 5 ? "," : "") + " " + name

Click on a language element to learn more:

archetype variable string entry += length > ? : +

Deploy contract with Completium CLI:

completium-cli deploy hello.arl

Call contract's entrypoint input with argument "Archetype":

completium-cli call hello --entry input --arg '{ "name": "Archetype" }'