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Interacting with a contract requires a Tezos account to sign the transactions. An account is identified by an account address, usually starting with tz1, like for example tz1h4CiqWxNe4UxSpkwXy617RM6DaK6NU76P.

completium-cli provides a convenient account management system to register, list and switch account. Each account is associated with an alias.`

generate account

The generate account command creates a new account:

completium-cli generate account as <ACCOUNT_ALIAS> [--force]

For example:

$ completium-cli generate account as john
Account tz1ciEuzRw5GnwXjNGXbdZTf8QxiRDBqUYp1 is registered as 'john'.

In order to use an account on the test and ghost networks, it is required to fund the account with the Tezos faucet.

import privatekey

The import privatekey command imports an existing account:

completium-cli import privatekey <PRIVATE_KEY> as <ACCOUNT_ALIAS>

For example:

completium-cli import privatekey edsk3QoqBuvdamxouPhin7swCvkQNgq4jP5KZPbwWNnwdZpSpJiEbq as alice

In order to display the private key of an existing account held by:

octez-client show address <ACCOUNT_ALIAS> --show-secret

show account

The following command displays the account $completium-cli is currently using:

completium-cli show account

Use --with-private-key to display the private key:

$ completium-cli show account --with-private-key --alias alice
Current account: alice
Public key hash: tz1VSUr8wwNhLAzempoch5d6hLRiTh8Cjcjb
Public key: edpkvGfYw3LyB1UcCahKQk4rF2tvbMUk8GFiTuMjL75uGXrpvKXhjn
Private key: edsk3QoqBuvdamxouPhin7swCvkQNgq4jP5KZPbwWNnwdZpSpJiEbq
Balance on ghost: 4877.573685 ꜩ

switch account

The switch account command opens a menu that displays registered accounts to select from:

completium-cli switch account

For example:

$ completium-cli switch account
Current account: alice
? Switch account …
❯ alice tz1VSUr8wwNhLAzempoch5d6hLRiTh8Cjcjb
bob tz1aSkwEot3L2kmUvcoxzjMomb9mvBNuzFK6
carl tz1aGDrJ58LbcnD47CkwSk3myfTxJxipYJyk
bootstrap1 tz1KqTpEZ7Yob7QbPE4Hy4Wo8fHG8LhKxZSx
bootstrap2 tz1gjaF81ZRRvdzjobyfVNsAeSC6PScjfQwN
bootstrap3 tz1faswCTDciRzE4oJ9jn2Vm2dvjeyA9fUzU
bootstrap4 tz1b7tUupMgCNw2cCLpKTkSD1NZzB5TkP2sv
bootstrap5 tz1ddb9NMYHZi5UzPdzTZMYQQZoMub195zgv

Use keys up/down and enter to select current account.

set account

The following command sets the current account from its alias:

completium-cli set account <ACCOUNT_ALIAS>


The following command transfers tez from one account to another:

completium-cli transfer <AMOUNT>(tz|utz) from <ACCOUNT_ALIAS> to <ACCOUNT_ALIAS|ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>

For example:

$ completium-cli transfer 5.2tz from bob to alice

remove account

The following command removes an account:

completium-cli remove account <ACCOUNT_ALIAS>